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Referral Program

When you refer a qualified candidate with expert skills, you will become eligible for a cash award when he/she is accepted for full time employment or with consulting with one of our clients. This applies to either a consulting assignment or a permanent position. If your referral is successful, you can expect to receive a check from Navigator Technologies. for $500 to $1,000 or more (per Candidate hired). Payment will be mailed within 90 days after the placement has been made. Associated taxes will be the sole responsibility of the recipient.

Resume Writing Tips

1. Make the resume no longer than three pages. A resume is designed to create interest and get you invited to an interview where you can expand on the details.
2. To enhance the look of your resume as well as to make it easier for the prospective employer to read and find specific points on the page by bold chars. Use short paragraphs that range from four to six lines.
3. Provide the nature, role involved in the job with short sentences.
4. Provide as much relevant information related to the position you are applying for.
5. Make sure your resume is error free, both in grammar, spelling and indentation also.
6. Summarize your expertise, strengths, certifications and accomplishments in a manner that ties these items with specific points in your work history.
7. Include specific achievements and contributions to actions you have implemented or administered that have resulted in valuable and positive outcomes.
8. Make sure that your employment references have a copy of your resume and keep them informed of your job search. Do not list employment references on your resume nor write "References available upon request." which is already assumed.
9. List all relevant educational experience such as the Engineering or the Masters degree/Certifications programs.
10. Please do not mention the reasons for leaving any job on your resume.
11. Go thru your resume before each interview.

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